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Artist's Statement

I fell in love with photography as an art student in college. I spent countless hours in the darkroom, printing black and white prints and experiencing the magic of seeing an image appear on a piece of paper in a tray of chemicals. After a brief infatuation with street photography, I realized that what excited me most was taking a photograph and transforming it into something more akin to painting, or something that revealed evidence of the human hand in the process. So I gravitated toward alternative processes very early on - handcoloring, lith printing, dye transfer -- anything that was outside the box of traditional photography. I enjoyed shooting with toy cameras, the Holga and Diana in particular, because the light leaks and plastic lenses often produced surprising and very pleasing results. I soon discovered Polaroid materials, and spent many years creating image and emulsion transfers and SX-70 manipulated prints. I was drawn to anything that helped me express my inner vision, my own artistry, rather than simply replicating what I saw through the lens of my camera. When Photoshop came along, I embraced digital technology wholeheartedly and found the ability to manipulate my photos easier and faster than ever. Then along came the iPhone…    

Today, all of my photographic art is created using the iPhone as my camera and the iPad as my editing tool. With literally thousands of apps at my fingertips, my creativity can soar unencumbered by the need for a darkroom or a computer. Having my iPhone camera with me at all times has heighted my awareness and has opened my eyes to the beauty I see around me every day. My intention with my work is to show the world solely from my own subjective perspective, distorting colors and forms for emotional effect. I enjoy emphasizing painterly qualities and strong color over the representational or realistic, placing significance on not what is in front of my camera, but what is inside me. While the starting point for each piece is a photograph, I strive to transform the ordinary into something poetic. The end result often resembles a painting as opposed to a photograph, and I enjoy blurring the lines between these two art forms and engaging the viewer's imagination in the process.

Recently, I started drawing again after not doing any drawing at all for many years. I primarily use the app Procreate and draw on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil. It is a newfound passion, and I'm excited to share some of my portraits in the gallery section.